I have had a great experience taking lessons from Marcy! I'm in my ninth month and have learned to play many of my favorite 70's songs! She will teach whatever you desire and in a method that's easily understood.
Brenda Lee

Welcome to QuickStart Piano for Adults - Where Students Learn by Playing the Music They Love Most.

We all come with a history - musical highlights and inspirations, and sometimes baggage, too. Of all the stories I've heard, the most heartbreaking are from those people who were discouraged at a young age:
"You'll never be good enough."
"You can't learn this."
"You're just not musical."
Imagine believing such things for the first 30, 40, 50 years of your life. The real tragedy is that it's simply not true.
With the right approach, anyone can play.
In the words of my students:
"I can't believe how quickly I can play real music!"
"It feels easy!"
"Practice is so much fun."
Marcy is a wonderful teacher for adults like me. She will work with you in a structured way or provide guidance to help follow your own path. Highly recommended!
Tom Young

Personal Piano Coaching

Let me guide you with personal advice and feedback based on your goals, to play the music you most want to play.
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Beginners: not sure where to start? You're in the right place.

Check out these FREE tutorials - perfect for brand new beginners and those who'd like a quick review.
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It's amazing how quickly beginners can play 'real' music if we use chords and finger patterns. Here's a peek into the fun options available to students after only 6 weeks of lessons.

For pianists with a bit more experience, here is one of the more popular books in the studio. A flexible learning strategy means we can adapt pieces like this to make them easier or more difficult until the level is 'just right.'

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What Students Are Saying

I've been working with Marcy online for about 4 months. I've had 3 piano teachers in the last 5 years. I felt stuck in my growth and the progress was very very slow. Her online teaching is fantastic. I was having issues in learning sheet music and her style of teaching has helped me tremendously. I had difficulty counting the notes and getting the tempo of the song. She clearly brought a difficult lesson into an understandable format. I'm excited to see how much progress I'll make in another four months. I would highly recommend Marcy to bring you into the next level.
Tom Burns
Marcy teaches and builds her lessons around my current focus in music. She lets me work at my pace. Whatever I am working on ( believe me-simple pieces), she shows me ways to “dress it up.” I am a senior citizen, and she is great to work with
Cathy Yale
Marcy is a wonderful teacher! She is easy going, patient and encouraging! She offers very helpful strategies when I am having difficulty with a phrase or piece. Marcy owns an extensive library of piano music (some with CDs) and allows students to borrow items. She lets me pick the pieces I enjoy playing and suggests ones she believes I will like (and she is right!). I am an adult who played piano decades ago and am attempting to relearn the instrument. Marcy understands the challenges associated with that because she had to relearn at one point, also. I highly recommend Marcy!
Laura Kemper
If you're looking for a knowledgeable, organized, responsive, and understanding piano teacher, Marcy Davis is a rarity and possesses all of those qualities and MORE. I was intimidated about diving back into playing piano, but Marcy personalizes her approach, letting you choose the types of music you can focus on and clarifying any questions that come up along the way (Bonus: she has an extensive sheet music library!). Highly recommend Marcy as a piano teacher - she is flexible and works with your learning style to make sure you're getting the material in the format you prefer.
Amanda Ryan
I never played piano before visiting Marcy Davis. She is a great piano teacher! I have learned quite a lot in the few months I have spent with her.  She is really good at helping me learn at my own pace! I am still a beginner, but I feel like I am learning really fast, and her teaching skills have just helped me grow. I would highly recommend her as a teacher especially if you are new like me!
Dylan Davison
Started piano lessons with Marcy as, what I believe, to be her oldest student. I've never played before and she has made it fun, easy (relatively speaking for someone who didn't know where Middle C was) and has provided me the encouragement to keep at it as I slowly progress through the lessons. We laugh, practice, play, talk through the piano concepts - it is just fun to see her smile when I get something right. And smile even when I get it wrong! She is a joy and I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to learn the piano, regardless of what level you may be at.. Her rates are fair, she's flexible on times, provides a lot of materials and has guided me from Middle C to House of the Rising Sun to even pecking out my favorite Beatle song that I wanted to play - although no recording contract has come my way - yet!
Rocky King
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