Back Pocket Piano Patterns - E-Book with Video Instruction by Marcy Davis

Back Pocket Piano Patterns - E-Book with Video Instruction

  • Exercises disguised as beautiful music
  • Build coordination between the hands
  • Accessible to beginners and more experienced players
Coordination between the two hands can be challenging for beginners (and non-beginners, too!). 

That's why I created Back Pocket Piano Patterns.

The exercises in this book are: 

  • Based on common musical patterns from contemporary classical and popular piano music.
  • Designed especially to build coordination and help the two hands work together. 
  • Presented in a format understandable to note readers and non-readers alike.

I generally introduce this resource after students have completed the 6-Lesson Beginner Course, though students may start as early as the first or second lesson.

What's Included

18-Page Printable PDF which presents:
  • A dozen basic patterns in 5-finger/home base position
  • More variations/combinations of the basic patterns
  • Alpha-notation (friendly to non-readers)
  • All written examples using white notes (Keys of C Major or A minor)

"How-To Use This Book" Video includes:
  • Ideas for practice and mastering the patterns
  • Examples of how to use the patterns with chord sheets/lead sheets
  • Tips on moving the patterns into different keys


Video & Downloadable Files
Back Pocket Piano Patterns Full
7 mins
BPPP How to Use This
11 mins
Back Pocket Piano Patterns Book - without cover
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BackPocketPianoPatterns Cover Print Friendly.pdf
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