One thing I've learned in my years of teaching piano - not all students learn in the same way.

This is particularly true for beginning piano students. I've lost count of how many adult students have come to me with statements like this:

"My childhood piano teacher was very strict."

"I didn't enjoy my lessons. I hated to practice."

"I wasn't allowed to play the music I enjoyed most."

But perhaps the most concerning things I've heard from students:

"I failed because I'm not a good student."
"I don't have much ability."

"I'm just not musical."

It soon became my mission to prove to these students otherwise.

  • You can enjoy lessons 
  • Practice can be both fun and productive
  • You can succeed at the piano while playing music you love from the very first lesson

Traditional approaches and methods do not always support this idea, so I developed my own curriculum, one that both empowers and satisfies adult learners. QuickStart Piano students play familiar-sounding music from their very first lesson.

With QuickStart Piano, now I'm hearing my students say:

"This feels easy!"

"Practice is so much fun!"

"I can't believe it - I'm making music!"

So, whether you are just at the beginning of your musical journey or you are ready to start again in a new way, welcome!

I look forward to sharing the adventure with you.

QuickStart Piano - Beginner Course

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