QuickStart Piano Sampler - Beginner Tutorials by Marcy Davis

QuickStart Piano Sampler - Beginner Tutorials

Not sure where to start? Feeling a bit intimidated? 
These FREE tutorials are perfect for brand new beginners and those who'd like a quick review.

Hi! I'm Marcy Davis, and I built QuickStart Piano to help adults play music they love on the piano - from the very first lesson.

Do you dream of playing your favorite Enya or Beatles tune? Worried you'll have to play months (or years) of Mary Had a Little Lamb or Michael Row Your Boat Ashore to get there? 
No fear! Leave Mary in the pasture and Mike in the boat. There's a better way!

At QuickStart Piano, beginners will:

  • Start making beautiful music right away. 
  • Play with both hands from the start. 
  • Get comfortable moving around the keyboard. 
  • Play with confidence. 
  • Take the intimidation out of note-reading. 
This FREE 5-module sampler covers the basics you need to get started, including: 

  • Learn the quickest, easiest way to memorize the white key names. 
  • Improvise a song from scratch. 
  • Learn healthy beginner piano technique. 
  • Move around the keyboard by playing in home base positions. 
  • Learn to read a chord sheet. (All music is based on chords!)
  • Demystify note reading. 

Why QuickStart Piano?

One thing I've learned in my years of teaching piano - not all students learn in the same way.

This is particularly true for beginning piano students. I've lost count of how many adult students have come to me with statements like this:

"My childhood piano teacher was very strict."

"I didn't enjoy my lessons." 
"I hated to practice." 
"I wasn't allowed to play the music I enjoyed most."

But perhaps the most concerning things I've heard from students:

"I failed because I'm not a good student."
"I don't have much ability."

"I'm just not musical."

It soon became my mission to prove to these students otherwise - to flip this negative script.

  • You can enjoy lessons 
  • Practice can be both fun and productive
  • You can succeed at the piano while playing music you love from the very first lesson

Traditional approaches and methods do not always support this idea, so I developed my own curriculum, one that both empowers and satisfies adult learners. 

QuickStart Piano students play familiar-sounding music from their very first lesson.

With QuickStart Piano, now I'm hearing my students say:

"This feels easy!"

"Practice is so much fun!"

"I can't believe it - I'm making music!"
So, whether you are just at the beginning of your musical journey or you are ready to start again in a new way, welcome!

I look forward to sharing the adventure with you.

What Students are Saying

Google Reviews
Love your studio. I like your style of getting us playing some fun stuff early, and filling in details later. I've learned more, quicker than I would have thought possible. 
John Kaufmann
 I have had a great experience taking lessons from Marcy! I'm in my ninth month and have learned to play many of my favorite 70's songs! She will teach whatever you desire and in a method thats easily understood. 
Brenda Lee
 Over the years I have had a total of 4 teachers. Marcy is by far the best. She's skilled, knowledgeable, personable, and wants you to learn what you want to learn at your own pace. I highly recommend her for all ages. 
Tina Schneider
Finding Marcy has been one of the best experiences for me in recent years. I am newly retired and have wanted to improve my piano skills for many years. Marcy has made that possible in a very short period of time. She is a fantastic teacher and very perceptive to the goals of her students. I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to enjoy the beauty of piano music 
Donna Rennick
 I've been working with Marcy online for about 4 months. I've had 3 piano teachers in the last 5 years. I felt stuck in my growth and the progress was very very slow. Her online teaching is fantastic. I was having issues in learning sheet music and her style of teaching has helped me tremendously. I had difficulty counting the notes and getting the tempo of the song. She clearly brought a difficult lesson into an understandable format. I'm excited to see how much progress I'll make in another four months. I would highly recommend Marcy to bring you into the next level. 
Tom Burns
 Started piano lessons with Marcy as, what I believe, to be her oldest student. I've never played before and she has made it fun, easy (relatively speaking for someone who didn't know where Middle C was) and has provided me the encouragement to keep at it as I slowly progress through the lessons. We laugh, practice, play, talk through the piano concepts - it is just fun to see her smile when I get something right. And smile even when I get it wrong! She is a joy and I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to learn the piano, regardless of what level you may be at.. Her rates are fair, she's flexible on times, provides a lot of materials and has guided me from Middle C to House of the Rising Sun to even pecking out my favorite Beatles song that I wanted to play - although no recording contract has come my way - yet. 
Rocky King
971-599-3933 (Oregon, USA)